No buzzwords. No hype. We invest in founders using software to solve real 🌎 problems.

How we invest

  1. We only invest in seed 🌱. It’s what we know and love and where we provide the most value
  2. We are drawn to founders with grit, industry insights and a strong engineering culture 👩‍💻
  3. We invest via SAFE or equity, and can lead or participate.

How we operate

  1. We don't take board seats. We prefer to be in your speed dial and get the late-night call 🤙
  2. We help with recruiting, 💰 raising, and founder therapy 😩
  3. We will work with you to ensure you're set up for an outstanding Series A 🏆

Ramy Adeeb

General Partner

An entrepreneur and investor, Ramy is founder and CEO of (Acquired by Yahoo, where he served as a product executive) and one of the earliest engineers at Tellme Networks (Acquired by Microsoft). Ramy started his investing career at Khosla Venture where he worked with investors Vinod Khosla and Pierre Lamond on many investments including Groupme (acquired by Skype), Square (NASDAQ:SQ), and Storify (acquired by LiveFyre). He holds a BA and MS in Computer Science from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford.

Aaron Michel


Named to venture capital’s 40 Under 40 by VC Journal in 2020, Aaron is the co-founder of PathSource, an edtech startup that rose to be the top career app in the App Store until its acquisition in 2017. Aaron also created the online game Fantasy Politics for the 2012 election. Inducted into the annual Innovation Rockstar list by the Boston Business Journal, Aaron has written for Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company and a range of business outlets. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Farzad Soleimani

Healthcare Partner

A VC by day and an ER physician by night, Farzad has over 15 years of experience at the intersection of healthcare and entrepreneurship. He is the founder of eTherapi, a pioneering telemedicine company, and the founding co-director of the Texas Medical Center Biodesign Innovation Program. Farzad started his investing career at Mohr Davidow Ventures, completed his residency training at Baylor and earned his MBA, MD, MS, and BS from Stanford University. He is on faculty at Baylor Medical School, Rice Business School, and Rice Bioengineering Department.

Samit Kalra


Growing up in Sydney, Samit cut his teeth in startups and investment banking, before moving to San Francisco in 2017 to pursue a career in technology. Since then, he has spent time in operating roles at AngelList and as a seed investor at Bain Capital Ventures. While at Bain, Samit ran the firm's early-stage fund program which generated 15 seed investments, including Compound Finance ($3B market cap). He holds a double degree in Business and Law (First Class Honors) from the University of Sydney.

Andy Rachleff

Founder of Benchmark Capital

Michael Smith

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University

Jim Messina

Chief of staff for operations under President Obama

Mohammed Mansour

Chairman of Mansour Group, a global conglomerate and GM's largest distributor globally


Kyle Oppenheim

VP of Engineering at Groupon, director of eng at Facebook

Mark Percival

First mobile engineer at Twitter, Co-founder and CTO at Snipit, Architect at Yahoo

Karim Wahba

Data Science manager at Stitch Fix, Uber and


Drew Uher

Founder and CEO at Homelight

Jennifer Pollock

Head of content Marketing at Square

Greg Pal

Founder and CBO at and VP at Nuance

Daniele Codega

Partner at Work & Co. Previously Head of Design at Reuters, Creative Director at HuffPost

Since 2017, we have partnered with outstanding entrepreneurs shaking up many antiquated industries.
  • Because Market, Ecommerce site selling diapers to seniors
  • Biocogniv, AI for medical diagnostics
  • Bluecargo, Optimizing container logistics
  • Brace, Mortgage servicing for lenders
  • BuildOps, Driving operational efficiency for service contractors
  • CareSignal, Patient engagment software
  • Convex, Flexport for commercial contractors
  • Curtsy, Marketplace for Gen Z to buy and sell clothing
  • Deepscribe, Medical note transcription
  • Dovly, Automated credit repair
  • Duffl, Delivery for college campuses
  • Fairmarkit, Marketplace for procurement
  • Flowspace, Airbnb for warehousing
  • Frey, Clothing and personal care
  • Glidian, Prior authorization software
  • Health Note, Automated note taking for healthcare
  • Heroes Jobs, Video recruiting platform for Gen Z workers
  • House RX, Making specialty medication more accessible and affordable
  • Kyte, Rental cars on demand
  • Latchel, Property management solution for landlords
  • Nickson, Furniture as a service
  • Oxygen, Banking for freelancers
  • Padsplit, Airbnb for affordable housing
  • Posthog, Onprem analytics platform
  • PostScript, Ecommerce SMS re-engagement
  • Properly, Opendoor for Canada
  • Reggora, Real estate appraisal software
  • Routable, Platform for scaling b2b payments
  • Seso, Labor marketplace for the agriculture industry
  • Shelf Engine, Marketplace connecting grocery stores with vendors
  • Sling Health, Virtual care teams for medical practices
  • Sourcify, Connecting US merchants with Chinese factories
  • Statusphere, Platform for word-of-mouth marketing
  • Syrup, Predictive analytics for retailers
  • Terapify, E-therapy for Latam
  • Toolbox, Staffing and payroll platform for construction workers
  • Trusted Health, Marketplace for healthcare employment
  • UnicoAero, Baggage management system for airlines
  • Unioncrate, Software for supply change management
  • Vectrix, Cloud security marketplace
  • Zero, Zero waste groceries

  • Coming Soon